Water and Climate Change Conference

On the 16th and 17th of November 2015, the trinational conference “Water and Climate Change”, held at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig in the context of the Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris, brought together actors of research and development from three European countries – France, Germany and Poland – to discuss how research can contribute to solving water problems worldwide.

The conference, which was attended by about 90 participants, was opened by Jean-Claude Tribolet, Minister-Counselor (Gesandter) of the Embassy of France in Germany, Janusz Styczek, Minister-Counselor (Gesandter) of the Republic of Poland in Germany, Prof. Patricia Oster-Stierle, President of the Franco-German University, as well as Prof. Georg Teutsch, Scientific Director of the UFZ. Leading experts discussed recent progress and future research demands and identified possibilities for intensified cooperation between the three countries with Rhine and Oder rivers as common natural borders.

Moreover, the conference offered opportunities to young scientists (PhD students, post-docs), who are conducting research in this domain, by providing them a framework for presenting their posters in a poster session, discussing their research with senior scientists and networking during an evening reception.
The scientific board of the conference was composed of scientific coordinators from the three countries:


  • Prof. Georg Teutsch, Scientific Director of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany
  • Prof. Patrick Flammarion, Scientific Director of the Water Department, National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture – IRSTEA, France
  • Ass. Prof. Tomasz Walczykiewicz, Head of the Water Resources Management Unit, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – IMGW – PIB, Poland



The conference was organized by the Department for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Berlin, the Franco-German University (DFH-UFA) and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, in collaboration with the French National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA) and the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW-PIB).


Organizing committee:

Rebecca Grojsman (French Embassy in Berlin) rebecca.grojsman(at)diplomatie.gouv.fr

Jolanta Lewandowska (French Embassy in Berlin) Jolanta.Lewandowska(at)diplomatie.gouv.fr

Eva-Maria Hengsbach (DFH-UFA) wcc(at)dfh-ufa.org

Kathleen Schlütter (DFH-UFA) wcc(at)dfh-ufa.org

Ursula Schmitz (UFZ) Ursula.Schmitz(at)ufz.de


For more detailed information on the content and schedule of the conference click here and click here.

During the coffee break

Copyright: Rebecca Grojsman

You can take a look at the presentations of mostly all speakers of the conference:


Prof. Dr. Christelle Marlin, DG Research and Innovation, French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research

Prof. Dr. Christelle Wisniewski, Montpellier University, Laboratory QualiSud, France

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Borchardt, Department Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis, UFZ, Germany

Prof. Dr. Florence Habets, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Laboratory METIS, France

Isabel Vogler, Sustainability, Climate and Energy Department, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Dr. Jérémy Piffady, Laboratory of quantative hydroecology, Pôle ONEMA-IRSTEA, France

Dr. Luis E. Samaniego-Eguiguren, Department Computational Hydrosystems, UFZ, Germany

Dr. Eng Marta Bedryj,  IMGW-PIB, Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Mikołaj Piniewski, Division of Hydrology and Water Resources, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland / now at PIK, Potsdam, Germany

Prof. Dr. Eng Tamara Tokarczyk, IMGW-PIB, Branch in Wroclaw, Poland

Dr. Vazken Andréassian, “Catchment Hydrology” research group, IRSTEA, France


Eva-Maria Hengsbach (DFH-UFA)
+49 (0) 681/93812-115
E-Mail : wcc(at)dfh-ufa.org