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1) Challenges of Trust, Interoperability and Autonomy in Industry 4.0, 2) Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Trustful Industry 4.0

Manifestations scientifiques pour jeunes chercheurs (ateliers de recherche, Écoles d'été)


Mines Saint-Étienne - Fraunhofer IAIS

To fill the gap between the research and industrial application two workshops involving industrial and academic partners are organized. The overall domain is Industry 4.0 and the IT challenges related to autonomy, interoperability and trust/data sovereignty and the use of Semantic Data, AI and Big Data technologies to find solution with respect to these challenges.
The first workshop aims to collect up-to-date industrial requirements in relation to data and automation challenges building trustful Industry 4.0 solutions, and formulate them in the context of use cases with well-defined research challenges. Senior and junior researchers will work on evolving pilots and drafting state-of-the-art solutions which will be presented in the second workshop. The presented ideas/pilots will receive feedback from both academic and industrial experts targeting subsequent real-world implementations The event targets doctoral candidates and researchers at universities, and industrial experts and practitioners who are interested in the three mentioned topics.

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1) 11. – 12.02.2019, Sankt Augustin

2) 09. – 11.09.2019, Saint Étienne

Responsable de programme (all.): Christoph Lange-Bever

Responsable de programme (fr.): Monsieur Olivier Boissier

Téléphone: +33 4 77 42 01 01

Courriel: Olivier.Boissier@emse.fr

Interlocuteur / Interlocutrice: Isabelle Chantrel

Téléphone: +33 4 77 42 01 66

Courriel: Isabelle.Chantrel@emse.fr

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