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Les conséquences des changements du climat et durabilité pour les cultures spéciales et leurs sous-produits

Collège doctoral

2018 - 2025

U Bordeaux - HS Geisenheim, The Australian Wine Research Institute, U Adelaide

The Université de Bordeaux and the Hochschule Geisenheim University in collaboration with The Australian Wine Research Institute and the University of Adelaide have set up a graduate school studying Climate change impact on the sustainability of special crops and their products.
Projects aim at understanding the effects of climate change on vines, studying the underlying biology in order to understand the reaction possibilities of plants and at developing adaptation and mitigation strategies. All students in the program are enrolled in a Cotutelle PhD and will receive a linked degree from Université de Bordeaux and Hochschule Geisenheim. Depending on the project, students will be encouraged to include a research stay at one of the partner institutes in Adelaide.

Site Internet:

Responsable de programme (all.): Christiane Jost, Markus Herderich (AU), Vladimir Jiranek (AU)

Responsable de programme (fr.): Monsieur Alain Blanchard, Monsieur Pierre-Louis Teissedre


Interlocuteur / Interlocutrice: Sandrine Poletto

Téléphone: +33 5 57 57 58 50


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