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Membrane Proteins and Biological Membranes

Collège doctoral

2007 - 2019

U Strasbourg - U Freiburg, U Basel (jusqu'à 2015)

The trinational Research Training Group ‘Membrane Proteins and Biological Membranes’ (GRK 1478), is a common initiative of the University of Freiburg, Germany, the University of Basel, Switzerland, and the University of Strasbourg, France and is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The consortium is working on different aspects of this broad and highly important field, such as integration of proteins into biological membranes, structure of membrane proteins, assembly of multiprotein complexes in the membrane, insertion of cofactors, translocation of proteins and solutes through the membrane, transport of small molecules through the membrane, and the interactions between the membrane and the embedded proteins. Given the different viewpoints on the same biological system, various supplementary and innovative techniques are used among the members of the different groups.
This GRK combines existing research/teaching programs in chemistry, medicine and life-sciences and offers practical modules in novel technologies. The GRK will have about 30 doctoral students at each location working in the field of Membrane Proteins and Biological Membranes.

Site Internet: https://www.mpbm.uni-freiburg.de/GRKmembers/membersstr

Responsable de programme (all.): Thorsten Friedrich

Responsable de programme (fr.): Madame Petra Hellwig

Courriel: hellwig@unistra.fr

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