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Molekulare Elektronik und Hybridstrukturen


2011 - 2020

KIT Karlsruhe - U Strasbourg

The study of hybrid nanostructures involving molecular systems and metals is an important issue related to organic electronics and organic spintronics. IPCMS contributes to the French-German Doctoral School entitled „Hybrid Nanostructures and Molecular Electronics“, where different groups are involved with expertize in chemical synthesis, theoretical physics and chemistry, or experimental physics. Involved researchers maintain numerous and fruitful collaborations. Promoting topical meetings and transborder collaborations, the doctoral school allows specific and multidisciplinary training of a new scientists generation in this emerging research field.



Programmbeauftragter (D): Prof. Dr. Wulf Wulfhekel

Programmbeauftragter (F): Eric Beaurepaire


Ansprechpartner: Steffi Baatz


Letzte Aktualisierung: 17. May 2018