DFDK/CDFA: What are the Franco-German graduate schools?

The Franco-German University (FGU) supports the development of joint structured doctoral programmes based on the integrated licence/bachelor and master programmes.

The call for applications is aimed at French Ecoles doctorales and German institutions offering structured doctoral programmes. It is published annually for a respective funding period of four years. The Franco-German graduate schools are open to all study disciplines. Integration of a third country is both possible and actively encouraged.

Among other things, the PhD track aims to provide a structured training concept with a Franco-German core and to clearly highlight the quality, feasibility and added value of the programme. Elements of this are, for example, modules that teach methodological, interdisciplinary and intercultural skills, international aspects of the programme, e.g. the possibility of obtaining a bi-national PhD with jointly supervised dissertations (cotutelle de thèse) or opening up to third countries, and a high-quality supervision concept.

The financial backing provided by the FGU contributes to the funding for international mobility of doctoral candidates and of university lecturers, the organisation of seminars, conferences and joint courses for scientific exchange and development of PhD students’ transversal skills. It is made up of operating funds in the form of a lump sum of €12,000 per year per cooperation programme, additional funds of €5,000 for the establishment of a field-of-study network as well as mobility grants for doctoral students amounting to €700 per month for stays of up to 18 months in the partner country or third country. Programmes that have received a particularly excellent assessment are eligible for additional international scholarships of up to €1,300 per month.

FGU backing is reserved for PhD students who are enrolled at a French or German home university and who are staying in the partner country or in a third country. Doctoral students from the third country may choose the French or German university as their home university and can receive the FGU grants during their stay in France and Germany.

The application deadline is 31 October of each year (N) for the awarding of a grant from 1 January of year N+2. Ahead of this, notice of the application must be submitted to the FGU no later than 30 June of year N.

The application may be made in English.

For the application documents (in French and German) and for further queries, please contact: promotion-doctorat(at)dfh-ufa.org