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Munich Marseille Graduate School of Nanoscience (M2GSN)


2013 - 2018

TU München - U Aix-Marseille

The PhD Track m2gsn is a combined two year Master and a three year PhD-study program. During the program students spent half their time at the home university and the other half at the partner university. Students who successfully finished the program, will obtain a double degree (Master of Science) and a joint PhD of both universities.
The m2gsn aims are providing its graduates with a sound knowledge in nanoscience, including applications in the sectors of catalysis and energy conversion, in which nanomaterials are believed to be promising tools in the future. Beyond that the graduates acquire intercultural competences and additional language skills. They are therefore ideal candidates for sophisticated research and development activities in both academia and industry.



Programmbeauftragter (D): Prof. Dr. Johannes Barth, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heiz

Programmbeauftragter (F): Conrad Becker, Olivier Thomas

Letzte Aktualisierung: 17. May 2018