Franco-German ABG-FGU cooperation

The Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) works to bring doctoral graduates and potential employers together.

The cooperation between the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) and the Franco-German University (FGU) aims to help and support French and German PhD students and PhD holders before and after they start their working life, and also during their careers. This support from the ABG includes an online job portal for recruiters and candidates as well as a database of CVs, covering a wide range of disciplines and job offers from all over the world. The ABG assists young researchers and prepares them for their future careers with specific training programmes.

DocPro brings PhD graduates and employers together

DocPro is an online platform that allows PhD holders to maximise and market their professional and personal skills to employers at different stages of their careers, whatever their field of research – from theoretical physics to humanities and social sciences.

Examples of cooperation

The ABG and the FGU organise flagship events and cross-border training sessions such as:

  • Professional Development centre: This gives participants practice in recruitment processes commonly used in different sectors all across Europe.

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  • ApéroDoc” – Franco-German get-together: An informal networking session for PhD holders who have chosen a career path outside the academic world.

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  • Franco-German AvanThèse Workshop: This event discusses the pros and cons of a doctoral programme. It is intended to help participants to analyse their motives, abilities, expectations and goals before making a final decision.

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  • Franco-German Young Researchers’ Day: As major players in the European research landscape, Germany and France offer young researchers many opportunities. A career information day for young researchers is held every year by the Association Bernard Gregory, in partnership with the Franco-German University, the Institut français d’Allemagne and the French Embassy in Berlin.

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  • International workshop for PhD students and post-docs: This three to four day workshop allows young researchers from France, Germany and Luxembourg to take stock of their skills and their professional goals, to consider new career perspectives and to learn to communicate effectively with international recruiters.

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