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Climate change impact on the sustainability of special crops and their products


2018 - 2021

HS Geisenheim - U Bordeaux, The Australian Wine Research Institute, U Adelaide

The Université de Bordeaux and the Hochschule Geisenheim in collaboration with The Australian Wine Research Institute and the University of Adelaide are setting up a graduate school studying the Climate change impact on the sustainability of special crops and their products. Projects focus on different aspects in the growth and production cycle of various special crops, but always under the angle of climate change as production of special crops and their secondary products is of utmost importance for food security and safety worldwide. Students in the program will be enrolled in a cotutelle PhD and will receive a degree from both universities referring to each other. Depending on the project, students will be encouraged to include a research stay at one of the partner institutes in Adelaide. All participating students will meet at least once a year and will be involved in a thematic workshop twice in the first funding period.



Programmbeauftragter (D): Prof. Dr. Hans-Reiner Schultz

Programmbeauftragter (F): Alain Blanchard, Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Markus Herderich (AU), Vladimir Jiranek (AU)


Ansprechpartner: Dr. Christiane Jost

Telefon: +49 6722 502 634


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